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TRIAD offers quality, current information via brief online training sessions and webinars to caregivers and professionals across the state.

TRIAD's Brief Online Training Sessions (BOTS) are created for professionals to have access to quality information on evidence-based practices for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. These short, yet engaging, web-based modules introduce content to increase professional development and understanding of basic principles across the state of Tennessee. Participants can receive a certificate of completion for each module that they participate in via our online platform. New BOTS are created every year to provide the most current information on ASD.

The webinars are intended to create a professional learning community that engages participants in interactive learning opportunities through live video training. Each year our webinars include a variety of topics that will enhance professional knowledge in serving individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Participants receive a certificate of completion after attending our webinars and are provided the opportunity to engage with TRIAD consultants for coaching and feedback during the online events.

If you are an administrator or educator in TN, please visit for professional development opportunities including live workshops, coaching and support.